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NZ's Hottest DoC Campsites of 2021

Medlands Beach on Great Barrier Island. Photo / Supplied For Travel - Sept 8 NZH 08Sep20 - NZH 08Sep20 -

So, what have you got planned for summer?

It's a question that seems to be asked earlier every year.

However, if the Department of Conservation's 2020 summer statistics are anything to go by, those who procrastinate planning may end up celebrating at home.

Between December 2020 and February 2021, DoC saw 108,000 people stay at bookable DoC campsites and 30,000 at bookable huts across Aotearoa.

Most headed to the coastline, with many beachside huts hitting full capacity during weekends.

Camping was also a popular summer option, with the top campsite, Uretiti Beach Campsite, hosting 14,500 visitors.

Down in Coromandel iconic spots like Waikawau Bay and Port Jackson hit full capacity over Christmas and New Year. While other locations such as Tōtaranui (Tasman) and Otamure Bay (Northland) had occupancy rates between 88 - 100 per cent.

Combine the events of 2020 with international travel restrictions and it's no surprise Kiwis flocked to campsites, huts and other bach accommodation to enjoy some well-deserved RnR.

Meaning, this summer is set to be just as (if not more) popular.

So, here are DoC's most popular bookable (non-Great Walk) campsites...