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New Zealand ski guide: What's en piste for 2022

Whakapapa's Sky Waka takes visitors on a scenic ride about the world-heritage-listed Tongariro National Park. Photo / Supplied
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In a round up of the country's ski experiences, Thomas Bywater makes tracks in search of New Zealand's top mountains and secret snow clubs

Te Tiritiri-o-te-moana - the "partition of the seas" - are what give New Zealand its unique character. The snow-white hair of Aoraki and his waka has been a feature of the Pacific for 15 million years, just waiting to be explored.

When mountaineers from the north saw them they dubbed them the "Southern Alps", reminded of the glaciers and snowfields of home. But "Switzerland of the South" does a disservice to an experience that is uniquely New Zealand. Aotearoa is alone in the Pacific as the only motu to offer snowsports.

Every winter, snow comes off the Tasman, tonnes of the stuff. With it comes skiers from around the world.

Predictably unpredictable, the 2022 season has started with a huge dumping of the white stuff and has the making of a season to remember.

Here's your guide to the best snow fields and what you can expect from this year's ski fields.