I was delighted when the tyre tread patterns began to creep across the dreaded orange walls on the North Eastern motorway. All too soon however, work ceased, with some patterns just begun. Can we look forward to more of this art work, or is that it? Noeline Goldie, Henderson.

The tyre artworks visible across SH16 and SH18 were developed by artist Jeff Thomson as a visual disruption to the network of noise walls known as clay ribbons. During the installation at Brigham Creek interchange, surface defects were discovered that would significantly decrease the artwork's life. The Transport Agency and its contractors recognised the problem and are waiting for summer to make the necessary repairs. Repair work will start in December/January allowing Jeff to complete the artwork early in the New Year.

I notice that the Victoria Park flyover concrete support columns have been painted with brightly coloured spots, with different colours on each column. Are the coloured spots some sort of reference code for the tunnel below? Christine Mann, Auckland.

The Colours of our History public artwork by Miriam van Wezel was completed in August 2011 in collaboration with Auckland Council as part of the Victoria Park development. Coloured discs painted on the columns are specific references to the architecture of the viaduct and the history of the site. The diameter of each disk is equal to that of the column. The variations in height suggest the ebb and flow of time, and tides and cultures across what was once Auckland's foreshore.