COMMENT: Robin Grieve is the Chairman Pastural Farming Climate Research Inc. Here he shares his opinion on the Carbon Zero bill with his video, The Methane Mistake.

The consultation document for the Carbon Zero bill proposes three options, two of which propose different treatment for methane emissions.

The Minister for Climate Change and his Ministry officials obviously do not realise that the third option is exactly the same as the second option.

The second option requires methane emissions to be stabilised, but not reduced and the third option requires methane to be at net zero by 2050.


The reason these two options are the same is that methane emissions that are stable are at net zero.

This short video explains why that is:

The next question that has to be asked is why the Minister and his officials are so misinformed about methane, they make such an obvious mistake, and why it is that our Government has misled us for so many years about the impact of our livestock on global warming?