Today on The Country, Rowena Duncum asked Met Service Weather forecaster Lewis Ferris if we've seen the last of the snow.

On with the show:

Lewis Ferris:

Our Met Service Weather forecaster gives us an update on this week's weather and whether we've seen the last of the snow.


Don Carson:

The freelance rural commentator and PR man for the Forest Owner's Association takes a look at the Forest Amendment Bill which was passed yesterday in Parliament.

Tim Myers and Smiley Barrett:

Today's Norwood panel features the chief executive and the brand ambassador, who talk farming, footy, politics and flooding.

Barry Soper:

The past few days have been pretty hectic, but our political correspondent says it's not the weirdest week he has had to cover.

Martin Devlin:

We track down the elusive Mr Devlin to get his thoughts on the state of footy nowadays.


Listen below: