Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay asked interviewees how farming can cope with the Covid-19 outbreak with New Zealand at coronavirus alert Level 2 (at the time of broadcast).

On with the show:

Katie Milne:

We talk to the President of Federated Farmers about the role agriculture and the primary sector has to play in the fight against Covid-19. Plus we talk about the contingency plans to keep our major processing plants open and how why the banks need to play ball to pass on lower interest rates to the productive sector.


Todd Muller:

National's Agriculture spokesman comments on a bipartisan approach in the Beehive and why he agrees with Shane Jones saying now is not the time regulate for freshwater reforms.

Harry Mowbray:

We talk to the patriarch of one of New Zealand's most successful business families (No. 5 on the NBR Rich List) about how this nation should deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Phil Duncan:

Monday's resident weather expert says the drought is likely to be broken by showers rather than a big dump.

Listen below: