Winning the champion fleece prize at the Dannevirke and Districts A&P Show on Friday was a close shave for Mark Redward of Glendore Farm, Tiratu.

Redward came in first ahead of Cole Simmons of Brightside Farm, Waitahora.

"It was great to win, but it was only by one point," said Redward.

Judging was carried out on Friday in the home industries hall by CP Wool Dannevirke consultants Roger Hale and Dean Shuker.


In judging the fleeces they said a top looking fleece had good style, colour, fibre thinness, length and quality.

Dannevirke farmer Mark Redward with his winning fleece.
Dannevirke farmer Mark Redward with his winning fleece.

A total of 25 fleeces were entered in this year's competition, slightly down on previous years.

"Interest in wool is waning as the price of wool is down. People need to be returning to buying wool carpets and wool insulation to get the price back up," Hale said.

The other difficulty was the difficulty was that full wool hogget fleeces were needed and many farmers chose to second shear.