Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay dedicated the show to Richard William Pearse, a South Canterbury farmer and inventor who was arguably the first person to achieve flight in a powered heavier-than-air machine.

On with the show:

Todd Muller:

National's Agriculture spokesman is buoyed by the latest political poll but much less enthused by the possible rural ramifications of the Government's essential freshwater plan, saying Labour has anti-farming sentiments that date back to the Lange years when farming was considered a sunset industry.


David Boyle:

The chief executive of the Shanghai-based Primary Collaboration NZ talks about his company which is an incubator for the New Zealand businesses looking for a foothold in the massive Chinese market.

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Chris Garland:

Is a Wairarapa-based farm consultant who, on behalf of Beef + Lamb NZ, has done some modelling around the costs of the Government's proposed essential freshwater plan.

Steve Hollander:

We catch up with the founder of the NZ Rural Games and encourage entries for the 2020 Norwood Rural Sports Awards at (which will be held on Friday, March 13, 2020).

Listen below: