Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay caught up with former Canterbury dairy farmer Glen Herud who hopes to build a 'kinder, greener and fairer' way of milking cows through Happy Cow Milk.

Glen Herud:

Is a big-dreaming former Canterbury dairy farmer who has raised $300,000 through crowdfunding to help build a 'kinder, greener and fairer' way of milking cows. Today we ask the former failed businessman man if he is a dreamer and how is he viewed by the dairy industry?

Alan Pollard:


The chief executive of Apples and Pears NZ looks at the recent raft of hail storms and the effect they have had on horticulture and arable farming.

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Lewis Ferris:

Is a Met Service forecaster who finally a decent forecast for farmers.

Tim Myers and Smiley Barrett:

Today's Norwood panel features the chief executive and the brand ambassador as we ask who will be the next All Blacks coach.

Barry Soper:

Our political correspondent ponders a week in Wellington where everyone was talking about Winston.

Listen below: