Just last week Tony Anderson was doing the things he loved - having a few yarns at the shooting club and helping his son out at Ben Lomond Station.

Tony, 75, ran Ben Lomond Station, south of Hastings, before retiring to Napier in 2012 after his son Hamish and his partner took over.

He helped his son out regularly, and last week was no different.

But on Friday, his son Hamish Anderson, 45, took a call that has turned his world upside down.


It was unexpected, there was no preamble, Hamish said.

"The cops rang us on Friday afternoon, and it was a big shock even for an older guy like me."

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Tony died in a two-car collision on Friday on State Highway 2 near the Taradale roundabout. Well known Flaxmere sporting and community identity Patrick Tama O'Brien also died in the accident. Tributes have been flowing for both men.

Hamish Anderson said: "It is hard to get your head around. I mean, on Wednesday, he was helping me draft a few sheep and dock a few lambs.

Friday's accident was near the Taradale Rd roundabout. Photo / Warren Buckland
Friday's accident was near the Taradale Rd roundabout. Photo / Warren Buckland

"We haven't quite figured out what we do now. It's not something you expect."

"Before the accident he had been out at the farm to meet some cops at the rifle range at Ben Lomond.

"He was on his way home when he had the accident."


Tony was living on Hospital Hill and was a passionate farmer until the day he died, Hamish said.

"He had been farming at Ben Lomond since the 1980s and he inherited the farm from his father," he said.

"He was a great dad, and a good man. He had a huge passion for farming.

"He was very supportive, he did a lot for us kids. Anything we did was hugely supported."

Hamish's sister who lives in Christchurch was flying back to Hawke's Bay to be with her family.

"He was a good dad to both of us," he said.


Tony's wife was being supported by her kids and the community.

"Mum's holding up okay. There's lots of support from the community.

"They just had their 50th anniversary last year. They probably went out for dinner to celebrate it. It wasn't too big a deal for them," Hamish said.

"He loved having a few yarns at the Hawke's Bay Sporting Shooters Club."

Tony was also a keen fisherman and hunter, Hamish said.

"Back in the day he used to love fishing out in Waimarama, and deer stalking.


"But he had some knee operations and a back operation last year," but aside from those Tony did not have any serious ailments or operations.

"He spent a lot of time at the club and he enjoyed it."