Once again our intrepid host of The Country is off to the Rugby World Cup on his Farming and Footy Tour.

This year the tour is in association with the good folk at Lawnmaster, who have been helping Kiwis master their backyard since 1946.

Can Mackay master a team of enthusiastic rugby fans as they take in the sights of Japan?

Check out some highlights from the tour so far and make sure to keep an eye on The Country's Twitter page for more updates!



Jamie started the tour in China, where he checked out the Forbidden City.

Next stop was Tiananmen Square.

And the Temple of Heaven.

Naturally it wouldn't be a Farming and Footy Tour without a bit of Rugby World Cup action! This image is brought to you courtesy of an Irish Pub in Beijing.

It also wouldn't be a Farming and Footy Tour without a photo of a tall building. Mackay is obsessed!


Mackay and the crew arrive in Japan, ready for the Rugby World Cup and some serious sight-seeing. Starting off with Mount Fuji.


And a sobering visit to Hiroshima.

Barrett fever hits Japan! Smiley Barrett makes the local paper when he visited a black bean farm. Barrett had previously joined the touring group in Kyoto when they were checking out a sake brewery.

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