A Wairarapa buyer paid $2105 for a pen of 29 four-year-old angus cows with their calves at foot at Stortford Lodge yesterday. That works out at $4.58/kg. The 459kg cows were sold by an Ohiti Rd vendor.

The next pen of two-year-old south devon heifers with calves at foot also made good money at $1790 a head or $3.47/kg.

In the sheep pens last week's good prices for spring lambs brought forward 1100 more from two vendors this week. Although the returns were slightly down on last week the lambs sold well.

There were about 1200 cattle and 1800 sheep offered.


Due to deadline constraints, only two pens of yearling heifers were recorded.


Cattle — cows, calves at foot: S Harper, Ohiti Rd, 29 4yr ang, 29 calves, av weight, 459kg, 458c/kg, $2105/head; Pohokio Station, Waimarama, seven 2yr sth dev, seven calves, av weight, 515kg, 347c/kg, $1790/head; Hiwinui Farm, Tukituki, six here-fries, six calves, av weight, 466kg, 287c/kg, $1340/head; Newbury Farming, Te Haroto, five empty fries, av weight, 447kg, 239c/kg, $1070/head.

Steers: 2yr, Glendoone, Crownthorpe, 27 ang-here, av weight, 520kg, 359c/kg, $1870/head; Western Hills, Dartmoor,14 ang, av weight, 552kg, 361c/kg, $2000/head; Glenfalloch, Maraekakaho, 14 sth dev, av weight, 553kg, 341c/kg, $1890/head; G Single, Rissington, 10 ang-here, av weight, 470kg, 340c/kg, $1600/head; Newbury Farming, Te Haroto, 15 here-fries, av weight, 442kg, 336c/kg, $184/head; 11 here-cross, av weight, 400kg, 337c/kg, $1350/head; G and S Janson, Mt Cameron, nine here-fries, av weight, 406kg, 334c/kg, $1360/head; Hiwinui Farm, Tukituki, five here-fries, av weight, 458kg, 315c/kg, $1445/head; six here-fries, av weight 380kg, 312c/kg, $1185/head; Mitchell Dairies, Patoka, five here-cross, av weight, 558kg, 320c/kg, $1790/head. Yrling, Otoi Farming, Putere, 31 simm-cross, av weight, 359kg 376c/kg, $1350/head; 20 simm-cross, av weight 342kg, 383c/kg, $1310/head.

Bay View Station, Bay View, 42 ang, av weight, 289kg, 414c/kg, $1200/head; 28 ang, av weight, 263kg, 417c/kg, $1100/head; Maunganui Station, Te Pohue, 32 ang, av weight, 301kg, 431c/kg, $1300/head; 30 ang, av weight, 289kg, 433c/kg, $1255/head; Riverbank Station, Rissington, 33 ang, av weight, 290kg, 447c/kg, $1300/head; I Waldrom, Waipawa, 19 ang, av weight, 265kg, 396c/kg, $1050/head; Hiwinui Farm, Tukituki, 10 crossbred, av weight, 365kg, 384c/kg, $1405/head; six ang, av weight, 324kg, 388c/kg, $1260/head; Riverview Farm, Umataroa, 20 ang, av weight, 282kg, 443c/kg, $1255/head; 10 ang, av weight, 253kg, 450c/kg, $1140/head; S Magee, Waimarama, nine ang, av weight, 338kg, 385c/kg, $1305/head; C Marshall, Ormondville, 12 here-fries, av weight, 227kg 376c/kg, $855/head; eight here-cross, av weight, 218kg 325c/kg, $710/head; White, Bay View, 13 ang-here, av weight, 291kg, 339c/kg, $990/head; J Stevens, Ohiti, eight crossbred, av weight, 315c/kg, $880/head; S and P Wright, Puketapu, five ang, av weight, 235kg, 348c/kg, $820/head.

Bulls: Yrling, Wairunga, Maraetotara, 24 fries, av weight, 373kg, 311c/kg, $1165/head; Eparaima Hills, Wallingford, six fries-cross, av weight, 265kg, 273c/kg, $725/head; Lynmar Farms, Sherenden, 32 aut-born, simm-cross, av weight, 316kg, 386c/kg, $1220/head; 21 the same, av weight, 275kg, 381c/kg, $1050/head; five the same, av weight, 213kg, 361c/kg, $770/head.

Heifers: 2yr, G and S Janson, Mt Cameron, 23 here-fries, av weight, 371kg 342c/kg, $1270/head; 23 ang, av weight, 383kg, 328c/kg, $1260/head; Newbury Farming, Te Haroto, 14 here-fries, av weight, 383kg, 326c/kg, $1250/head; 10 ang, av weight, 392kg, 334c/kg, $1310/head; eight crossbred, av weight, 378kg, 302c/kg, $1145/head; Chouxmanna, Havelock North, 12 here-fries, av weight, 252kg, 280c/kg, $710/head; Lowe Whenua Trust, Dannevirke, five here-fries, av weight, 272kg, 286c/kg, $780/head; Hiwinui Farm, Tukituki, six here-fries, av weight, 385kg, 286c/kg, $1025/head. Yrling, I Waldrom, Waipawa, 20 ang, av weight, 298kg, 335c/kg, $1000/head; B and J P/ship, Taihape Rd, 11 fries-cross, av weight, 215kg, 302c/kg $650/head.

Sheep — ewes, lambs at foot: Maraenui Farms, Hales Rd, 21 ewes, 20 lambs, $129 all counted; 20 ewes, 27 lambs $124; Monk P/ship, Waipawa, eight ewes, 15 lambs, $96.
Lambs: New season, Mt Erin Station, Middle Rd, 177 m/s, $160.50; 365 m/s, $151; 232 m/s, $141; 166 m/s b/f, $133; Ben Lomond Station, Maraekakaho, 132 m/s, $158; 30 m/s $135. Hoggets, l/t, A Tuuta, Chatham Island, 56 m/s, $145; 51 m/s, $120; B and S Ironside, Raukawa, 73 male, $216.50; B and E Tuanui, Whakapirau, 49 c/o, $176.50; 221 ewe, $189.50; Bay View Station, Bay View, 22 ewe, $190.


Prime sale

Some huge oxen were the feature of Monday's sale.

One angus ox weighed in at 905kg and five hereford-friesians tipped the scales at 798kg. They sold for $3/kg, or $2715/head, and $3.10/kg, or $2473/head.

In the sheep pens, prices remained strong with lamb prices creeping up each week. The price of ewes is more dependent on quality of offering. Spring lambs made their first appearance in numbers this week. They sold very well.


Cattle — cows: (Sth dev, ang) Av weight, 440kg to 561kg, 212c/kg to 273c/kg, $943/head to $1403/head.

Heifers: (Ang, sth dev) 480kg to 516kg, 320c/kg to 321.5c/kg, $1545/head to $1653/head.

Oxen: (Ang, here-fries,) Av weight, 650kg to 905kg, 300c/kg to 315c/kg, $2047/head to $2715/head.

Sheep — ewes: Slipe, heavy, $234; good, $186 to $195.50; med, $152, light, $103 to $134. Woolly, heavy, $195; good, $182; med, $144.50. Shorn, heavy, $239.50 med, $171.

Lambs: Male, $164 to $237.50. Ewe, $184 to $190; b/f, $185.50; M/s, $149, $226. Spring, m/s, $164 to $216.50.