Every year the streets of Hunterville come alive with the sounds of hounds as the annual Shepherds' Shemozzle gets underway.

Now in its 22nd year, the Shepherd's Shemozzle is a gruelling race for Huntaways and their owners, and attracts between 4000 – 5000 visitors to the Hunterville Huntaway Festival every year.

They come to watch the iconic race, which is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Competitors have to overcome a series of obstacles such as crawling through tunnels, swinging on ropes, sliding down mud slides and more, all with their trusty Huntaway by their side.


The first across the line with all the requirements of the race met, wins the prestigious title and bragging rights for the year, as well as valuable prizes.

Dogs need to be in peak physical condition to take part in the race, which is why Black Hawk pet food is a natural fit as a major sponsor of the event.

The endurance formula behind Black Hawk Working Dog is high in quality protein (32 per cent), with lamb and beef as the main ingredients, and quality fats (22 per cent), designed to promote strong lean muscles and ensure a sustainable release of energy throughout the dog's working day.

The company has proudly sponsored the Shemozzle for three years now, and also provides prizes, including bags of Black Hawk Working Dog formula.

Well known New Zealand farmers, and their four legged work mates are already seeing fantastic results and are definite advocates for the brand.

One of these is the manager of Closeburn Station Grant McMaster, who has been feeding Black Hawk Working Dog for over two years. He says the dogs love it.

"I expect a lot out of my dogs, so it's great to have a product that is tailored to suit their needs. I know they're in great shape as they are full of energy all day, their coats are shiny and they're looking fit. They must enjoy it too, as even the fussy one can't get enough of it."

Take a look at why Manager of Closeburn Station Grant McMaster is a fan of Black Hawk Dog Food:

Black Hawk Working Dog - it's perfect for a hard-working farm dog - and perfect for the Shepherd's Shemozzle.


Black Hawk's Working Dog food is available through Veterinary Clinics around the country. Find out more here: blackhawkpetcare.com/nz/working-dog