Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay talked to Dr Rosie Bosworth about how technology could disrupt agriculture's future. Then he talked to rural New Zealand about how technology could disrupt future cricket coverage.

Dr Rosie Bosworth:

Is a food futurist who agrees with the RethinkX Think Tank that is predicting major technology-driven disruption in food and agriculture in the next decade, including the collapse of the dairy and cattle industries by 2030, as animal meat and milk is replaced by cheaper, higher quality food made from manufactured protein.

Simon Bridges:


We compare National's leader to Elvis but who are the equivalent comparisons for Jacinda, Winston, James, Shane and Eugenie? Plus we look at the Budget surplus and where Grant Robertson should be spending it.

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent talks about the worst drought in a century, dairy farmers taking a pounding from Mother Nature and the supermarkets and why a gold miner wants to dig up an entire town.

Listen below: