Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay spoke to environmentalist Angus Robson to get some balance on the winter grazing stand-off in Mossburn between activists and farmers.

On with the show:

Angus Robson - Part One:

In an extended two-part interview, and in response to yesterday's interview with Mossburn farmer John Douglas, we talk to a Waikato engineer and environmental campaigner about why he is leading the crusade against the winter grazing of dairy cows in Southland.


Angus Robson - Part Two:

We ask about the use of drones, trespassing and what Robson plans to do about ocean and urban water pollution.

Damien O'Connor:

The Minister of Agriculture talks about Fonterra's performance, a controversial bonus and the new Sustainable Party.

Jane Ruddenklau-Smith:

Is a North Otago farmer and former winner of the BFEAs who takes the media to task over alarmist and click-bait journalism, especially when it comes to issues such as the climate change and the environment.

Cameron Bagrie:

The man behind Bagrie Economics says farmers should give Fonterra a one-finger salute when it comes to a bonus for Theo Spierings.


Listen below: