Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay looked in to an anti-winter grazing campaign launched this morning, and spoke to a couple of farmers about whether it is a balanced view of farming practices.

On with the show:
Phil Duncan:

Monday's resident weather expert talks about winter making a brief and belated appearance this week. But will it be enough to sustain the ski fields and the anti-winter grazing campaign?

Dr. Jacqueline Rowarth:


One of New Zealand's leading farming academics says if veganism is the answer, what was the question? And she says so from the moral high-ground of being a long-standing vegetarian.

Blair Drysdale and Duncan Humm:

The much-expected anti-dairy, anti-winter grazing campaign was launched in Wellington this morning by environmentalist Angus Robson, featuring some damning drone footage of dairy cows grazing on winter crops in Southland. But is it a balanced look at this contentious issue? We ask two farmers with skin the game who have changed, or are changing, their farming practices.

Sarah Perriam:

We head to the Red Meat Sector Conference in Christchurch where the news continues to be good for the industry with record exports to China. Key note speakers today include John Loughlin, Michael Berger, Jeff Grant, Corin Dann, Kirk Hope, Fran O'Sullivan, Lindy Nelson and Andrew Morrison.

Listen below: