Today on The Country, Jamie Mackay celebrates National Lamb Day with a couple of tasty giveaways for some lucky listeners.

On with the show:

Lisa Murray:

Our Met Service forecaster warns of winter's first blast for the South Island while some in the North Island are still desperately seeking rain.


Davey Hughes:

We talk to an iconic Kiwi, a great white hunter and the man mountain behind the Swazi brand, and ask it it's true that he is moving his production offshore?

Don Carson:

The PR Man for the New Zealand Forest Owners Association is certainly earning his keep as the debate continues over whether forestry could be the ruination of rural communities.

Tim Myers and Smiley Barrett:

Today's Norwood panel features the chief executive and the brand ambassador and patriarch of New Zealand's First Family of Rugby.

Joe Wheeler:

Courtesy of Farmside, providers of high-speed broadband to rural New Zealand, we take our weekly look at Super Rugby. Today it's the turn of a man heading to the Land of the Rising Yen.

Barry Soper:


Our political correspondent ponders striking school kids, workplace bullying, rapists in the corridors of power, the Tamaki Party and did the cops buy back stolen guns?

Listen below: