Rongotea Sale

Short term cattle and weaners were in demand at Rongotea this week reported Darryl Harwood of NZ Farmers Livestock.

2 year Friesian-Hereford cross steers 385kg-407kg made $2.13/kg-$2.26/kg, Angus cross steers 442kg-465kg made $2.40/kg-$2.58/kg, White Galloway steers 395 kg made $920.

2 year Angus bulls 500 kg made $1280, White Galloway cross bulls 545kg made $1290 and cross bred bulls 470kg made $1090.


2 year Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 362kg-507kg made $1.89/kg-$2.58/kg and Angus cross heifers 385kg made $865. Empty Friesian heifers 424kg made $925.

18 month Friesian-Hereford cross steers 307kg-322kg made $2.11/kg-$2.42/kg and Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 222kg-310kg made $1.77/kg-$1.97/kg.

Yearling Friesian-Hereford cross heifers 220kg made $560 and Murray Grey heifers 320kg made $630.

Weaner Friesian-Hereford cross steers 110kg-260kg made $350-$670 and Friesian steers 133kg-145kg made $300-$400.

Weaner Friesian bulls 137kg-232kg made $380-$600, Friesian-Hereford bulls 170kg-215kg made $435-$590 and cross bred bulls 160kg-183kg made $310-$400.

Weaner Hereford heifers 180kg made $650, Friesian-Hereford heifers 115kg-237kg made $300-$620, Murray Grey cross heifers 252kg made $550 and Friesian heifers 132kg-182kg made $250-$360.

Friesian boner cows 305kg-625kg made $1.31/kg-$1.66/kg.

In the calf pens, Friesian bull calves made $100-$250, Friesian-Hereford bull calves made $120-$240, Angus cross bull calves made $80-$225 and Angus cross bull calves made $80-$225. Friesian-Hereford heifer calves made $70-$180, Angus cross heifer calves made $60-$195 and Murray Grey cross heifer calves made $220.