Lambs wool continues to be the "star performer'' in the marketplace compared to crossbred adult wool, even with larger volumes coming forward for sale.

A large offering of 11,000 bales of mainly end-of-season and lambs wool meant the market finished strongly in sellers' favour for most styles, particularly longer combing lambs wool, PGG Wrightson Wool's South Island sales team said.

A limited volume of early season mid-micron also found very solid support, indicating the new season looked well set for finer wool growers in the South Island.

A range of prices:


Fegan Farms (2003) Ltd (Milton), five bales crossbred lambs AA, 29.1 micron, 81% yield, 486 greasy, 600 clean; R Ruxton (Outram), 15 bales crossbred A, 36.5 micron, 77.8% yield, 244 greasy, 314 clean; Poly Creek Run Ltd (Palmerston), 13 bales crossbred hogget AA, 35.1 micron, 78.8% yield, 307 greasy, 390 clean; Fairlight Station (Garston), 16 bales crossbred lambs AA, 29.5 micron, 78.8% yield, 478 greasy, 607 clean; DB and JWS Kinney (Ranfurly), 13 bales halfbred lambs AA, 25.6 micron, 72.5% yield, 800 greasy, 1103 clean; Glenayr Ltd (Ranfurly), eight bales crossbred second-shear AA, 37.8 micron, 78.8% yield, 245 greasy, 311 clean.