Waihi-Waitara sheep dog trial earlier this month was the final Taranaki Centre dog trail for the 2019 season.

It was also the last opportunity to gain valuable points for the Taranaki Top Dog competition and to qualify for Tux North Island and New Zealand Championships Trials.

This year the Taranaki Top Dog title was won by Heading Dog Hone owned by Bernie Gower, of the Eltham Dog Trial Club.

Bernie and Hone were the overall winners with the most points (17) from the seven regional dog trials.


Twenty-six dogs from the Taranaki region have qualified for Tux North Island and New Zealand Championships Trials to be held in Ohaeawai starting on May 27.

Going to the finals are:
L Duffy (Dame)
M Duffy (Shield)
M Duffy (Vella)
L Duffy (Lord)
B Bielski (Maximus)
B Gower (May)
C Journeaux (Gus)
D Murphy (Realm)
L Bellringer (Grace)
L Bellringer (Boogie)
D Murphy (Strobe)
S Murphy (Savvy)
R Law (Boom)
B Jensen (Jane)
B Jensen (Rebel)
B Gower (Hone)
L Bishop (Range)
T Price (Bill)
T Price (Holly)
G Northcott (Hope)
S Murphy (Sharp)
J McFarlane (Lace)
C Journeaux (Frost)
K Lobb (Kristoffeson)
D Murphy (Flight)
K Lobb (Slim)