A top-quality offering of about 1400 steers met a ready market at the second Weaner Steer Fair of the year at Stortford Lodge this week.

Prices were comparable with the first fair in March which were back on last year's exceptional sales.

There was some outside interest as it has rained in previously dry parts of the North Island.

As well as Hawke's Bay, buyers were from Waikato, Gisborne, Rangitikei and the Bay of Plenty.


Steers: Toronui Station, Tutira, 40 ang, av weight, 269kg, 367c/kg, $990/head; 20 ang-here, av weight, 250kg, 385c/kg, $965/head; 40 ang, av weight, 243kg, 382c/kg, $932/head; 35 ang, av weight, 224kg, 392c/kg, $880/head; 21 ang, av weight, 216kg, 384c/kg, $830/head; Kenyon Land Co, Mangaorapa, 24 ang and ang-here, av weight, 305kg, 336c/kg, $1030/head; 15 ang, av weight, 266kg, 349c/kg, $930/head; Whaitirinui Station, Raupunga, 33 ang, av weight, 269kg, 367c/kg, $990/head; 40 ang, av weight, 246kg, 375c/kg, $925/head; 40 ang, av weight, 228kg, 373c/kg, $850/head; A and M Tweedie, Tutira, 25 ang, av weight, 279kg, 356c/kg, $995/head; 17 ang, av weight, 250kg, 359c/kg, $900/head; Carlyon Station, Oueroa, 33 ang and ang-here, av weight, 258kg, 380c/kg, $985/head; nine charo-cross, av weight, 252kg, 376c/kg, $950/head; Inangatahi P/ship, Puketitiri, 43 ang, av weight, 270kg, 378c/kg, $1025/head. 42 ang, av weight, 215kg, 395c/kg, $852/head; 23 ang, av weight, 188kg, 427c/kg, $805/head; Wedd Farming, Puketitiri, 35 ang-cross, av weight, 288kg, 361c/kg, $1042/head; 18 sth dev, av weight, 292kg, 376c/kg, $1100/head.

Featherdale Farm, Elsthorpe, 19 ang and ang-here, av weight, 332kg, 342c/kg, $1140/head; I and P Waldrom, Waipawa, 30 ang, av weight, 259kg, 342c/kg, $885/head; Hinerua Station, Wakarara, 28 charo-cross, av weight, 246kg, 365c/kg, $900/head; 46 charo, av weight, 220kg, 384c/kg, $845/head; 34 charo, av weight, 196kg, 396c/kg, $780/head; 19 ang and ang-here, av weight, 204kg, 379c/kg, $775/head; A J Arnold and Co, Kaiwaka, 37 charo-cross, av weight, 261kg, 360c/kg, $940/head; B W Paterson P/ship, Patoka, 21 charo-cross, av weight, 288kg, 358c/kg, $1035/head; Waipiropiro Station, Poukawa, 36 ang, av weight, 269kg, 377c/kg, $1015/head; 32 ang, av weight, 241kg, 372c/kg, $900/head; Waterford Ltd, Wanstead, 23 ang, av weight, 245kg, 367c/kg, $900/head; Willis Family Trust, Porangahau, 21 ang-here, av weight, 254kg, 379c/kg, $965/head; 14 here-cross, av weight, 263kg, 360c/kg, $950/head; 20 ang and crossbred, av weight, 210kg, 364c/kg, $765/head; Awakere Farm, Crownthorpe, 25 ang, av weight, 225kg, 377c/kg, $850/head.

Longbrook, Te Pohue, 17 ang and ang-here, av weight, 254kg, 365c/kg, $930/head; 20 ang, av weight, 194kg, 400c/kg, $780/head; G and A McVicar, Te Pohue,25 ang, av weight, 242kg, 372c/kg $900/head; 19 ang, av weight, 214kg, 374c/kg, $800/head; Four Kings, Elsthorpe, 16 ang-cross, av weight, 278kg, 350c/kg, $975/head; G and J Sherratt, Argyll, 12 here-fries, av weight, 271kg, 357c/kg, $970/head; Woodstock Farm, Takapau, 31 aut-born here-cross, av weight, 355kg, 281c/kg, $1000/head; April 24 Trust, Te Hauke, 19 ang, av weight, 216kg, 367c/kg, $795/head; 10 sth dev, av weight, 214kg, 402c/kg, $860/head; Topp Family Trust, Hatuma, 14 ang, av weight, 279kg 356c/kg, $995/head; Camot Farming, Te Uri, 19 ang and ang-here, av weight, 228kg, 368c/kg $840/head; Riverbank Station, Rissington, 18 ang, av weight, 171kg, 445c/kg, $765/head; S and P Baker, Omakere, 12 here-cross, av weight, 269kg, 367c/kg, $990/head; R and J Matthews Trust, Puketapu, 19 charo-cross, av weight, 261kg, 340c/kg, $890/head.

Five charo and simm-cross, av weight, 233kg, 338c/kg, $690/head; Waipoapoa Station, Maraetotara, 15 ang, av weight, 197kg, 392c/kg, $775/head; Western Divide, Apley Rd, 11 ang, av weight, 296kg, 333c/kg, $990/head; B and G Farming, Waitara Rd, 11 here-cross, av weight, 236kg, 368c/kg, $870/head; M and C Radford, Akitio, nine crossbred, av weight, 308kg, 321c/kg, $990/head; 15 here-fries, av weight, 275kg, 337c/kg, $930/head; five here-cross, av weight, 229kg, 371c/kg, $850/head; Stonehenge, Whakapirau, 15 ang and ang-cross, av weight, 166kg, 325c/kg, $540/head; Waihau Farm, Waihau, 11 ang and ang-here, av weight, 153kg, 424c/kg, $650/head; D Whitfield and Son, Sherenden, 13 simm-cross, av weight, 298kg, 336c/kg, $1005/head.