The Parapara/Makirikiri Sheep Dog Trial Club held their first dog trial on the Shaw family farm at Parikino on March 8 and 9.

The Shaw family couldn't have been more obliging or helpful and the venue was delightful. Many of the travelling trialists commented on the lovely setting, especially the cookhouse area set in among native trees. Even the much-needed rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm.

Club President Roy Pullen and his team Duncan Atkinson, Ian Burling, Mark Lourie, Cody Wickham, Shane Bates, Ben Taylor and other club members had worked like Trojans over days and weeks to get the courses set up and work sheep.

They also dismantled the old courses at the Ranginui property, where the trials used to take place.


The support the club got for their first trial, with some competitors travelling from outside the centre to try out the new Shaw property hills, was really appreciated.

Entries were up on some courses, but generally on a par with last year. On the first day there were a large number of pens on the shorthead.

With good constructive feedback, the club will improve things for next year, and is already planning ahead.

Cody Wickham provided the ewes on the hunts and the lambs on the heads.

Polly Ratana and her ladies in the cookhouse did a magnificent job. Their evening barbecues were wonderful and hit the right spot with those who had been up liberating all day. They raised $500 for Hospice in a brilliant team effort.

Major sponsor Isuzu Harvey Round Wanganui were fantastic, with rep Graeme Houlahan being on site the first day and setting up a big gazebo at the longhead course. It was a real asset in providing shelter from the rain and sun.

Secretary Brenda O'Leary was rapt to have sponsors on site, including Sarah Hazlitt from FMG, a long-time supporter of dog trial events.

The Isuzu 'Good Bastard' spot prize was won by Lionel Rickard for his huge effort on the longhead, liberating for two days solid. It was well deserved.


Again a huge acknowledgement to the landowners, the Shaw family, who went above and beyond to work with the event.

Class 1: 1, W Clare Trac 97.5; 2, G Wellington Rachel 97; 3, K Oliver Shy 96.5; 4, J Shrubsall Whip 96; 5, S Whiteman Reign 95.5.
Intermediate: B Gilbert Dot 92
Maiden: J Tai Jake 85.5
Class 2 : 1,J Shrubsall Gift 94; 2, R Pullen Matt 93.8; 3, B Burke Stone 93.5; 4, P Evans Bryte 93.2; 5, M Monk Tough 93.
Intermediate: J Shrubsall Gift 94
Maiden R Pullen Matt 93.
Class 3: 1,J Shrubsall Stag 95; 2,B Jensen Rebel 93.5; 3, D Fannin Charm 93 ,4, R Morris Shade 92.5; 5, K Fox Cloud 92.
Intermediate: D Fannin Charm 93.
Maiden: D Fannin Charm 93.
Class 4: 1, B Parkinson Tune 97; 2, J Shrubsall Stag 96.5; J McAlley Rowdy 96.25; 4, J Brennan Hung 96; 5, M Monk Jazz 95.75.
Intermediate: J Brennan Hung 96
Maiden: S Bates Tank 95

The Mataroa trials were held on March 1 and 2.

Class 1; 1, W Falkner Roz 98; 2, P Evans Richie 97.5; 3, G Wellington Rachel 97; 4, G Drake Clyde 96.25; 5, D White Jazz 96.
Intermediate; J Shrubsall Gift 95.
Maiden: D Fannin Sam 93.

Class 2:1, G Wellington JLo 94.5; 2, D White Jazz 92.5; 3, H Linton Kip 91; 4, J Coogan George 90.5; 5, B Burke Stone 90.
Intermediate: G Wellington JLo 94.5.
Maiden: M Williams Flash 85.

Class 3: 1, M McMurray Jed 97; 2, C Johns Rum 96.5; 3, A Lock Kate 95.5;
4, M McMurray Kate 95; 5, J Alford Tess 94.
Intermediate: M McMurray Jed 97.
Maiden: T McLean Wharf 93.

Class 4: 1, B Parkinson Tune 96.5: 2, H Linton Maude 96; 3, A Mathews Bonnie 95.75;
4, R Morris Swag 95.5; 5, M Bolton Puri 94.
Intermediate: L Bremmers Rogue 93.5.
Maiden: L Bremmers Rogue 93.5.