New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc (NZKGI) has published a comprehensive guide to working in the kiwifruit industry as it prepares for this year's harvest.

Chief executive officer Nikki Johnson said The Little Green and Gold Book was intended for anyone wanting to find work in the industry, casually or permanently.

"We wanted to create a useful, definitive guide to seasonal work as well as debunk myths around pay and working conditions," she said.

"The guide is a great way to make job-seekers more aware of what they should expect when picking and packing. It will also help them select an employer more carefully, rather than taking on the first job offer."


The guide showed where seasonal jobs could be found, when workers would be needed and the roles involved, as well as providing information about working conditions, accommodation options and transport requirements.

"There's also a checklist on how to choose an employer, with a range of useful links to further information and employment and accommodation contacts," Ms Johnson said.

The book can be downloaded from, with hard copies available from NZKGI, kiwifruit packhouses, employers and backpacker hostels, in English, German, Spanish and French.