This week on the Best of The Country, Jamie Mackay spoke to Rabobank's Global Dairy Strategist Mary Ledman, about how slowing US and European dairy production will positively affect New Zealand farmers.

This week's top interviews are:

John Brakenridge:

The inspirational chief executive of the New Zealand Merino Company talks about why his company has moved back to the heart of Christchurch city and why there is a future for strong wool which is currently a very poor cousin to its fine wool counterpart.


Nathan Guy:

National's Spokesperson on Agriculture looks at two big threats facing farming - the Queensland Fruit Fly and a potential Capital Gains Tax.

Dr. Robyn Dynes:

Is a Science Impact Leader - Farm Systems and Environment - from AgResearch, who's just back from New Orleans where the Weed Science Society of America discussed controversial issues such as urban creep into our best farm land and feeding the world without glyphosate.

Mary Ledman:

Is a US-based Rabobank Global Dairy Strategist, who's in NZ this week presenting at bank events. Today we discuss slowing US and European dairy production and how it will positively affect New Zealand farmers.

Jacinda Ardern:

The PM ponders the merits of a Capital Gains Tax - particularly in relation to how it might play out for farming and small businesses.


Listen below: