Thirty properties remain infected with Mycoplasma bovis

The latest update from the Ministry for Primary Industries shows the 30 include 15 dairy farms and 15 beef farms.

Seven are in the North Island, with 23 in the South Island, including 15 in Canterbury.

At this time last week 33 properties were listed as infected.


Sixty-five properties have had their actively infected property (IP) status lifted.

Sixty properties are under Restricted Place Notice, meaning they are or are suspected of being infected.

Read more about Mycoplasma bovis here.

The notice prohibits all unauthorised movements of farm stock and other risk goods on to and off the property to minimise the chance of the disease spreading.

Transport vehicles must follow a cleaning and disinfection process when they leave a restricted place.

According to the update, 80,545 animals have been culled since the outbreak.

MPI says a series of information packs is now available online covering the three stages of the investigation and eradication process – active surveillance, Notices of Direction, and Restricted Place.

Each pack explains the step, the activities you can expect to happen and the terms you'll hear, and information on your rights and obligations, biosecurity advice when undertaking activities such as buying stock or managing service bulls or semen, compensation, and useful contact details.


There's also a pack for neighbours of farms affected by M. bovis.

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