Central Otago cherry growers remain happy with their numbers as the season winds down.

Local growers say it has been a successful season despite latest New Zealand-wide numbers indicating a dramatic drop in cherry numbers being exported.

Summerfruit New Zealand market data as of January 20 indicated more than 1.4 million kg of export cherry sales this year to date. This is down considerably on previous years.

The 2017-18 season period export sales totalled 3.6 million.


The export industry is largely based on cherries and apricots.

Cromwell orchardist Mark Jackson, of Jackson Orchards, said he did not expect this season to foot it with last year.

''The previous season set records for most people.''

''I wouldn't say [this season] has been heavy or light. For me, it has been a successful cherry season.''

Roxburgh grower Stephen Darling said he was ''quite pleased'' with the cherry harvest to date.

''We're light on apricots this year but our cherries are looking good.

''It's a variable business and every year is different.''

Sarita Orchard manager Matt Blanch, of Cromwell, said the season had been ''right on average''.


''We've had an average crop load. The rain has caused a few issues.''