Teachers and members of the public are welcome to journey out to Wimbledon January 19-20 to view exotic sheep on Brian Hales' property.

He hopes people will enjoy this day out and he will do his best to entertain and inform them.

Entry and hospitality is free of charge.

Brian has acquired and bred some of the rarest sheep in the world on his Wimbledon property. Pride of his flock are 70 Karakul sheep, the oldest known to man, prized by the Cossacks of Central Asia.


The flock includes the following breeds: Karakul, Gotland, Dorper, Damara, Awassi, East Friesian, Meatmaster, Pitt Island, Arapawa Island and Jacob sheep.

The sheep will be on hand throughout the day, with information and expert advice.

Brian wants to keep the feral instincts alive in his sheep. Breeds do not mix voluntarily which makes keeping flocks pure easier. He is keen to display to the public his almost unique breeds.

He is really enjoying working with Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand which he says is doing some amazing things and are safeguarding extinction of many animals.

He recently saved a line of 10 Gotland ewes from the hungry knives of the fat stock buyers. These ewes bred by Rose Waterworth have magnificent fleeces and will certainly feature prominently at his exotic sheep shearing day in Labour weekend.

On Saturday, January 19 Brian invites teachers to come along to create their own set of resources to use in their classroom.

Please bring at least two banana boxes or storage bins.

He says: "Inspire Net are putting Wi-Fi on to the woolshed for free for this occasion so please bring all your gadgetry that I know nothing about to assist in the gaining of resources.


"I have facts sheets, photographs, wool samples for you but please bring whatever you can to load up.

"Melissa Fryer, seriously dedicated crafter from Feilding, will be here to teach artistic wool techniques and the best uses of wool. Everything is free and fully catered for."

He adds he only has a couple of enrolments at this stage and he liked the attitude of these people so he will do his very best to ensure that they get the best of what he can offer.

Any more enrolments are welcome, just let him know in advance. Contact him on (06) 374-3584 or brianhaleswimbledon@gmail.com."

The public are invited on Sunday to attend an open day between 10am and 1pm, a chance for young and old to enjoy the farm. Exotic sheep will be on show. Tea, coffee and water with maybe a light smoko will be available.

Note: Monday is Wellington Anniversary Day.