Today on The Country Rowena finds out about the growing interest in sheep milk with Peter Gatley, the GM of Maui Milk.

On with the show:

Peter Gatley:

Rowena catches up with the GM of Maui Milk for a chat about how interest in sheep milk is growing, so much so that a Waikato milk processing plant is expanding its collection area up to a two-hour drive.


Jamie Mackay:

Rowena and Lashes catch up with The Country host for an update on his Southern USA Farming and Sightseeing Tour - has he lost any of his tour party yet?

Chris Russell:

Our Australian correspondent on the state of the wool industry across the ditch, what milk processor Murray Goulburn is being fined for, if the seasonal labour shortage in Australia is as bad as NZ, and how Aussie authorities are clamping down on illegal hunters.

Andy Thompson:

Our West Coast cow cocky comments on Day Two of the New Zealand Agricultural Show and previews tonight's Boar Breeders Ball. He also covers the launch of Tahi Ngātahi – an industry-driven partnership between farmers, shearing contractors and the government to prevent injuries in the wool growing and harvesting industry.

Dr David Clark:

The Minister for Health on the Government's announcement about how they plan to tackle the rural health issue NZ faces.


Listen below: