Whether or not the US midterm elections affect New Zealand agriculture will depend on how far the Democrats get within the House of Representatives says Michael Every.

"If the Democrats take the House ... it won't change very much in isolation. If we see the Democrats take the House and the Senate - which would be a real shock actually - then things do start to look more interesting".

Every, who is Rabobank's Asia Pacific Strategist spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay about the US Midterm elections and how they may impact on President Trump's trade war with China.

Listen below:

Although Every says the idea of the Democrats gaining enough seats in the House and the Senate to impeach Donald Trump is a "fantasy," he does think they could "start to slow down his domestic agenda on almost every single front".


However, this doesn't mean that Trump's trade war with China would cease, as Every explains, it is the one thing he could continue with, whatever happens in the midterms.

"The one thing Trump can do, without the approval of Congress is put tariffs on China ... So therefore if he's not controlling Congress and he can't push for tax cuts and he can't get anything else done that he wants - what's the one thing he can still do? Trade war".

Also in today's interview: Michael Every looks at the global market and how the fortunes of China and America's economies may affect New Zealand.