Today DairyNZ launched The Vision is Clear, a new movement about water quality which it hopes all New Zealanders will get behind.

DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle told The Country's Jamie Mackay, The Vision is Clear came about from dairy farmers' desire to gain support from the general public.

"Dairy farmers have been asking us to reach out to the wider public for some time, because their views of dairying are important to farmers and we do need their support and understanding."

'We know that production of milk and of dairy has an impact on the environment. We've been on a journey and there's been a lot of progress so far but we've still got work to do."


Cleaning up New Zealand's waterways is a huge task which needs all New Zealanders on board says Mackle.

Check out DairyNZ's video and The Vision is Clear website here.

"Dairy can't do this alone. It does need a collective effort ... to deliver on those goals for swimmable waterways across New Zealand for the future."

The campaign has tips for urban people who are interested in making a difference, such as cleaning the car when it is parked on the grass, so the runoff doesn't go into stormwater drains.

Listen below:

DairyNZ has launched a website for The Vision is Clear where people can watch a video that shows how much New Zealanders love water, read articles about the challenge of keeping waterways clean, and learn a thing or two with some helpful tips and tricks.

"Everyone will benefit from this vision of having great waterways right throughout New Zealand," says Mackle.

"We really want people to get in behind it."