Hours after standing in a courtroom before a judge and the people he had ripped off, promising he was sorry, Raniera Kiriwera was back sneaking into properties and stealing.

The 27-year-old has been jailed for two years and three months for creeping into the Rotorua farm stay of Kerris and Chris Brown in March this year.

Kiriwera originally appeared in the Rotorua District Court for sentencing in August but Judge Greg Hollister-Jones stood the case down to investigate community sentencing options as well as allow him to complete restorative justice with the Browns.

The judge adjourned the case in August because Kiriwera told him and the Browns he only broke into their property once and that he was sorry.

Raniera Kiriwera
Raniera Kiriwera

Kiriwera was back before Judge Hollister-Jones yesterday for sentencing but he also faced another burglary charge.

Judge Hollister-Jones said the offences happened on the same day as his August 7 court appearance as he travelled back to his home in Auckland.

He said although he was only convicted of one more burglary charge, he had in fact gone to three adjoining properties where he tried to steal bags and items from inside cars.

Through his lawyer, Louis Te Kani, Kiriwera again expressed his remorse yesterday and handed the judge a letter outlining how sorry he was.

However, Judge Hollister-Jones said he needed to treat Kiriwera's words carefully as so far his remorse was not backed up by his actions.

Judge Hollister-Jones also revealed yesterday that Kiriwera had admitted during restorative justice going to the Brown's property more than once to steal.

"What came out of that meeting was that you had been to their property on other occasions and had taken things. You have admitted that which is to your credit. There is no charge for those so I can not take them into account."

Kerris and Chris Browne did everything they could to find the burglar. Photo / File
Kerris and Chris Browne did everything they could to find the burglar. Photo / File

The Browns knew their property was being preyed on so spent $7000 on security cameras to catch the burglar - eventually catching Kiriwera red-handed on film on March 17.

The Rotorua Daily Post publicised the footage and eventually police caught him, although he was only charged with one count of burglary.

In August, Kerris Brown read a victim impact statement to Kiriwera in court outlining what the burglary had done to them.

She said her business' reputation had suffered because their missing diary meant there had been double bookings. One customer, a large group, threatened legal action and was so annoyed they posted a negative review on Trip Advisor, meaning it will remain on an international website forever.

Yesterday, Judge Hollister-Jones said he would not sentence Kiriwera to home detention.

He said among the aggravating factors were that Kiriwera offended on the same day he was given bail, he went to the Brown's home in the middle of the night while they slept and he had a raft of previous concitions, including seven for burglary and five for breaching community-based sentences. There were also two previous convictions for failing to appear in court.

Outside court Chris Browns said while it was good Kiriwera was jailed, it was a "hollow" victory because he was only sentenced on two burglaries, when he had admitted more.