Damien O'Connor admits the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act (DIRA) is complicated, but he says farmers need to get more involved if it is to be successful.

The Minister for Agriculture spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay about DIRA, saying he believes farmers are becoming disconnected and risk having their opinions not heared.

The biggest challenge for the dairy industry is that farmers are disconnecting," says O'Connor who urges farmers to voice their opinions, "to the company and engage in the voting for the directors ... and the system of constitutional change."

Although DIRA is "one of those complex issues that will be worked through," O'Connor says a discussion document will be released soon and he encourages farmers to read it and, "offer an opinion."


Listen below:

O'Connor believes it's not just the dairy industry that is disconnected from having a say.

"Unfortunately it's across the whole farming sector, in beef and lamb as well, we've got too low a level of engagement and that means that the farmers aren't driving ... their future."

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