Today on The Country, Executive Producer Rowena Duncum risks enforced-retirement by playing "When I'm 64" for Jamie Mackay's birthday.

On with the show:

Phil Duncan:

We ask Monday's resident weather expert to bring on global warming after a bloody cold last week! He obliges with a promise of highs in the 20s this week.


Steve Cranston:

Is a Hamilton-based farm consultant who's challenging the current conventional thinking that New Zealand's agricultural emissions are adding further warming to the atmosphere. He argues that farmers are already meeting their Paris Agreement obligations, thus negating any moral argument to pay a tax under the ETS.

Shane McManaway:

The chief executive of Allflex Australasia comments on deer farming, a world record staple length for wool, new animal ID technology and great coffee table book featuring 24 leading farming families.

Don Nicolson and Andy Thompson:

Today's forthright panel features a former president of Federated Farmers and a former West Coast cow cocky as we chew the farming fat plus ponder climate change and All Blacks bolters.

Listen below: