Catch up on the top interviews of the week with Jamie Mackay and Rabobank. It was a busy week for agriculture with the Government announcing its freshwater working programme as well as a recovery package for farms affected by Mycoplasma bovis.

This week's top interviews were:

David Parker:

The Environment Minister says as a nation we have been "kicking the can down the road for too long" over water quality and he intends address it head-on now and not leave the hard issues for future generations. This as the government announced sweeping plans to increase our freshwater quality by introducing increased RMA powers and the regulation of some intensive farming practices.


Damien O'Connor and Jacinda Ardern:

We catch up with the Minister for Agriculture and the PM following their announcement this morning of a recovery package to help farmers get back to business more quickly after being cleared of M. bovis.

Jane Smith:

Is a high-profile North Otago sheep and beef farmer and former winner of the BFEA who's extremely concerned we run the risk of importing Foot and Mouth Disease through sheep semen and poor biosecurity at our borders.

Blake Holgate:

Rabobank animal proteins analyst on sustainability and what it actually mean for farmers in the red meat sector.

Simon Bridges:

Is the Leader of the Opposition the worst job in politics? Who's fleecing us - the oil companies or Jacinda? Who can take credit for the $5.5 billion surplus? What happened to the $11.8 billion fiscal hole? And when leaking saga stop? We ask National's under-fire leader.

Listen below: