Anglers and hunters are being asked to make time to vote for who will represent them in the Fish & Game elections but in the Eastern Region an election isn't needed.

Elections are held in each of the organisation's 12 regions. However in the Eastern Region there are 12 positions on the council and only 10 nominations received, meaning the candidates will be declared elected unopposed.

Fish & Game New Zealand chairman Lindsay Lyons said the council represented the interests of licence holders, anglers and hunters while being a "watchdog and a hard-nosed battler" over issues such as water quality, pollution and access to the outdoors.

"Finding people with the right talents and motivation is especially important in view of the some of the challenges just over the horizon."


Lyons said one challenge on the horizon was the Indigenous Freshwater Fish Amendment Bill which he said posed a "clear and alarming threat to trout and angling".

The bill amends the 1987 Conservation Act to allow the Conservation Minister to review old regulations and protect native fish.

The bill is before Parliament and open for submissions at Submissions close October 25.

It could see trout being part of Treaty of Waitangi settlements with iwi and opens the possibility of allowing the sale of trout.

It also allows trout and salmon to be removed from some rivers and lakes to protect native fish, Lyons said.

"We urge all anglers and hunters to get up to speed on this bill."

The 10 nominated for councillor were Alan Baird, Ngahi Bidois, Ken Coombes, Murray Ferris, Lindsay Lyons, Adam Rayner, Barry Roderick, Laurance Tamati, Geoff Thomas, and David Woolner.

Key dates
- September 20: Voter packs distributed, online voting began.
- October 12: Online voting closes at 5pm.
- October 16: Postal votes close.
- October 20: Official declaration and public notice of results.
- October 31: Elected members take office.