Wairoa District Council is asking residents to conserve their water usage, as heavy rain is preventing the Wairoa Water Treatment Plant from producing water.

A statement on the Wairoa District Council's website said due to high rainfall the Wairoa Water Treatment Plant is unable to produce water.

An engineering spokesperson says there is storage in the town's reservoirs, however, to help with water reserves Council is asking residents to please conserve water.

Council is advising residents to use water very sparingly, which among many things means reducing the number of times you flush your toilet.


Council is also asking residents to put-off washing any laundry and limit the amount of showers and baths per household.

"Please use your water wisely, for essentials mainly... at this point we as a community really need to think wisely about conserving water," the spokesperson said.

Council will be constantly monitoring the river over the next 48 hours.