Today on The Country, Rowena Duncum takes a look into what is going on with Fonterra.

On with the show:

Marc Rivers:

The trading halt is on, the milk price is down and now the trading halt is off. We ask Fonterra's CFO what's going on with our biggest company.


Rod Oram:

Business journalist talks about Fonterra's issues, whether the commerce commission got it right back in June and which is the chicken and which is the egg with Fonterra's payout drop and the kiwi dollar.

Lisa Murray:

We check if all signs are looking good for a fine weekend with our Met Service Weather forecaster.

Jeremy Rookes and Jason Uden:

This week the Two Farmer Js discuss Fonterra's woes and free speech.

Barry Soper:

Our political correspondent wraps Jacinda Ardern's first week back in charge.


Listen below: