Two Telford students are happy to have a little bit of extra cash in their pocket.

Tom Adkins and Will Lambert were this year's recipients of the Clutha District Council Bursary.

It was established in 1993 for students studying towards a full-time course on campus at Telford.

Mr Adkins (19), of Whanganui, is in his second year of study at Telford. He finished his certificate in agriculture last year and is now working towards his diploma in agriculture.


He received $1000 and will receive another $1000 at the completion of his diploma.

Mr Lambert (18), of Hunterville, is in his first year of study working towards his certificate in agriculture. He was given $500 and will receive another $500 at the completion of his course.

Both Mr Adkins and Mr Lambert had to go through an application process and be interviewed to receive the bursary.

They said they were very grateful to Clutha District Council and were both using the bursary towards their student loan.

''It's good to take off a bit of financial stress to chip away at the student loan,'' Mr Lambert said.

Aside from their studies, both enjoyed keeping themselves busy doing other activities.

Mr Adkins played hockey in Dunedin and Mr Lambert said he enjoyed hunting in his spare time. Both were also kept busy training their dogs.

Mr Lambert said he planned to stay at Telford next year and complete a diploma in agriculture, and in future he would like to stay working in the Clutha area.

Mr Adkins planned to continue his studies next year at Lincoln University, and would like to head back to Whanganui to work.

-By Ella Stokes