While much of the rest of the United States battles drought and heatwaves, Todd Clark is having the opposite problem in Lexington Kentucky.

The Country's US farming correspondent spoke to Jamie Mackay about how a never ending deluge is making day to day life tough on his farm.

"On our farm we try to make a lot of hay and we're not able to get into the field to make hay because of constant rain ... the past two or three months it's raining about 17 days a month."

Listen below:

Clark currently sells to "high end niche markets," with "grass finished beef," but he used to grow and sell tobacco. Mackay asks him if this is seen as taboo nowadays.


"The interesting thing in Kentucky is that once upon a time ... hemp was a huge agricultural commodity here in the States and just in the last two or three years it's on its way back ... hemp is replacing tobacco."

Also in today's interview: Clark discusses changes in the Kentucky farming landscape courtesy of Donald Trump.

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