Even issues the council didn't specifically ask about got their fair share of consideration in Ruapehu District Council's 2018-28 Long Term Plan, mayor Don Cameron says.

The plan got just over 200 submissions, and they have been heard, debated and decided on. The plan was to be adopted on June 27.

Some of the issues raised weren't in the council's consultation document. They included covering and heating the Ohakune pool, the Raetihi pool, the Kakahi playground and Wi-Fi, a bus shelter and dog exercise area for National Park.

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New and extra issues get to be discussed and become part of the council's planned work programme if the council supports them. Councillors may decide they need action, more consultation, funding or investigation.

If they are normal "requests for service" they are forwarded to the relevant manager and become part of normal operating budgets.

Or they could be matters the council just needs to be aware of, such as a request to continue providing social housing.

People often say councillors don't listen and have already made up their minds, Cameron said.

"Hand on heart, I assure people this is not the case and anyone who attends a deliberation meeting where councillors discuss each and every issue would see this."

He thanked everyone who has made the effort to have a say.