Jamie Mackintosh is a bit of a globetrotter.

The former Highlanders Captain left New Zealand for France in 2015 to play for Montpelier. He then travelled to Ohio to play for the Aviators in the US Pro Rugby Competition, before returning to France again.

Today he is back in Dunedin for a chat about his international rugby career with The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum.

"My last three years have been pretty amazing," says Mackintosh, who enjoyed the competition in France with its high-level international players.


"I've learned heaps about rugby and I'm really enjoying it over there. Obviously I've missed home. I'm a real Southern boy and it's a long way from my family but I've been pretty lucky to have these awesome opportunities. "

Although he has been working hard on his French, Mackintosh admits that he is "by no means fluent," and demonstrates his impressive Southland "rolling R's" by saying "Dirty Purple Work Shirt."

Mackintosh is back in New Zealand for a quick break before heading off to a friend's wedding in Spain. He is looking forward to a stay on his sister's farm in Kurow for a bit of "hunting, duck shooting, wallaby shooting and deer shooting."

The Highlanders ended New Zealand Super Rugby's 40-game winning streak over the Australian sides on Saturday night. Mackintosh says he's "still a Highlander at heart," and he had a feeling it was going to be a tough game against the Waratahs.

"It was disappointing but streaks are there to be beaten," he says philosophically.

Although he is enjoying his time in France, Mackintosh says he would not rule out coming home to play again but whatever happens, "I've had a pretty lucky career."

Also in today's interview: Jamie Mackintosh talks about his infamous undie run in the snow at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains.

Listen below: