Winston Peters is in no mood to talk about the movement encouraging people to give up meat for this month - 'No Meat May', nor is he in any mood to be compared to Donald Trump.

The Deputy Prime Minister took umbrage to The Country's Jamie Mackay suggestion that Peters believes New Zealand dairy prices have increased due to the current Government, much like the US President's claim of brokering a peace deal between North and South Korea.

"Excuse me, I'm not claiming a victory for increased dairy prices. I'm just saying that they're a whole lot better than they were when I was last being interviewed by you a year ago."

Peters is unaware of the 'No Meat May' movement which originated in Australia and doesn't want to talk about it anyway.


"This is a serious programme. We've got serious issues to do with your economic and social wellbeing in the provinces, can we get back to that please and not some 'dingo-listic' comment from Australia."

Mackay suggests the Greens have more sway than New Zealand First in the current coalition Government, a comment that Peters refutes, saying the coalition is between his party and Labour, with "a supporting arrangement" from the Greens.

"After...22 years of MMP the least I can ask you is to actually understand the most simple language of MMP. We're not here to be fighting over headlines and getting more glory. That's not the character and shape of New Zealand First. You know modesty is our middle name."

Also in today's interview: Winston Peters worries about The Country losing its audience due to Jamie Mackay's "sea of cynicism".

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