Duck shooting season starts next weekend and many hunters will be heading out to farms with their dogs to battle the feathered foe.

Project Manager for Ovis Management, Dan Lynch spoke to The Country's Jamie Mackay about the importance of dosing gun dogs for the sheep measles tapeworm before taking them on-farm.

Sheep measles can be financially devastating says Lynch, "when a farm notifies you...that they're thinking of condemning a whole line of 293 lambs due to sheep measles infection there's a significant loss taking place there."

Dosing dogs for the sheep measles tapeworm is cheap, straight forward and effective says Lynch, who wants to remind owners that dogs must be dosed 48 hours before arriving on-farm.


Raw sheep meat can also contain sheep measles cysts and Lynch warns owners to make sure they feed their dogs meat that has been cooked or frozen at minus 10 for 10 days.

Lynch says following these guidelines will help ensure farmers don't "end up suffering a financial loss because of your good time in the weekend."

Listen below: