Aiming for zero carbon

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Simon Upton last week outlined nine recommendations in a report, A Zero Carbon Act for New Zealand.

The recommendations aim to ensure New Zealand sets effective carbon budgets, establishes a credible Climate Change Commission and drives plans and policies that actually turn into action.

Federated Farmers says the proposals can work as long as there is cross-party support backed by a Climate Commission which has informed science.


Federation climate change spokesman Andrew Hoggard says it is important the Government pursues a Zero Carbon Act and establishes a Climate Change Commission that makes decisions which aren't detrimental to New Zealand international competitiveness as a food producer.

Field Days winners

At the Northland Field Days at Dargaville, winners of the Logger Sports contest were: Teams — Paniora Logging 1, West Coast Loggers 2, Paniora Logging 3; hotsaw — Karl Bowman 1, Bart Huihui 2, Rob Paniora 3; woodsplit — Karl Bowman 1, Shane Oliver 2, Waikura Brown 3; stocksaw — Beau Topia 1, Tayne Topia 2, Rob Paniora 3; Barfit logger: Karl Bowman 1, Bart Huihui 2, Tu Mau 3; novice — Bomber King; women — Joy Jones; wave cut logger — Tayne Topia 1, Karl Bowman 2, Tu Mau 3; wave cut ladies — Lisa Bowman 1, Shavaun Paniora 2, Joy Jones 3; ladies race — Darry Topia 1, Lisa Bowman 2, Joy Jones 3; logger of the day — Karl Bowman.

Tractor Pull competition:

Bank Challenge Trophy, Rabobank; Business Challenge Trophy, Phillips Contracting Ltd; Main Draw Trophy — Richard Smith 1, Andrew Martin 2, Joel Hopkinson 3; Carl Phillips Memorial Trophy — Paul Ambler; teams competition — Cross Breeds (Rowland Ambler, Paul Ambler and Andrew Martin) 1, No Clue (Joel Hopkinson, Kevin Hopkinson, Richard Smith) 2, Lawrence Bros (Paul McLean, Mattie Woollam, Michael Frood) 3; consolation prize — Mattie Woollam 1, Stefan Ilich 2, Kevin Hopkinson 3; new entrant, Ethan Codlin.

Maize harvest

A Foundation for Arable Research Maize Action March 8 field report for Northland says maize silage harvesting is well under way around Kerikeri where Northern Corn Leaf Blight has badly infected many crops. Further south, blight infections are patchy but growers are advised to be vigilant.

There are a few further reports of armyworm damage and some spraying with insecticide has occurred, but in most cases the beneficial parasitoids are controlling these pests. Grass weeds are flourishing with the rainfall.

The early grain crops have reached blacklayer. While some regions are down on maize hectares, it is estimated the total maize area nationally is up about 10 per cent on last season.

O'Callaghan wins title

Teenage rodeo star Tegan O'Callaghan, of Doubtless Bay won the Fonterra Young New Zealand Rural Sportsperson of the Year title when the winners of the Norwood New Zealand Rural Sports Awards were announced on the eve of the Hilux New Zealand Rural Games in Palmerston North on Saturday.

Hikurangi axeman Jason Semenoff won the Federated Farmers Contribution to the New Zealand Rural Sports Industry Award for woodchopping, Napier shearer John Kirkpatrick was named Norwood Rural Sportsman of the Year and the Skellerup New Zealand Rural Sportswoman of the Year title went to Chrissy Spence of Morrinsville, for a second successive year.

She won an unprecedented fifth world title at the International Tree Climbing Championship last year. Robbie Hollander, of Dairy Flat, won the egg throwing and catching award, and Nick Liefting, of Auckland, took the fencing award. On Sunday Ricki Paewai and Kris Richards recorded an egg catch and throw of 85.96m to take the world record which Hollander and Nick Hornstein set in England last year.

Partnership launched

Federated Farmers president Katie Milne joined Subaru managing director Wallis Dumper and Wanaka farm dog Syd to launch the Subaru-Federated Farmers partnership to support farmers who "do". Federation territory managers around the country will get all-wheel-drive Subarus to get them down every gravel road to hear farmers' concerns and relay them to the Feds' policy and advocacy staff. Ms Milne says the tie-up with Subaru is a good fit.

The Subaru XV she will be getting has a higher ground clearance than her current vehicle, which she says can now be put out to pasture. National territory manager team leader Laura Sanford said some of the team drive over 1000km a week and she was glad they would be doing the hours with the Subaru brand, which she described as "full of possibility, safety and style."