Michele Mitcalfe has her fingers crossed that whoever dumped a substantial quantity of rubbish on the side of Rotokawau Rd last week will soon be hearing a knock on their door.

Among the plaster board, building materials, washing machines, a car grille and other household rubbish was a registration plate that had been traced to the vehicle it came off, and had been passed on to the Far North District Council.

"Hopefully the dumpers can be tracked down and held responsible," the Waipapakauri resident said.

"We the ratepayers will pay for this rubbish to be removed unless these people are found."


Mrs Mitcalfe found the "stinking mess" on Friday, much of it in a culvert, from where it would have been washed into the nearby lake.

"What these people have done is disgusting.

"I went back on the weekend to remove as much as I could. I felt the need to do this before the rain came.

"Most offensive was used disposable nappies with maggots falling off them. There was also a large-screen Sony TV, a Notebook, car radio, cigarette packets, a dog biscuit pack, broken glass, bottles and cans, and disintegrating rubbish bags.

"I spent a lot of time clearing it up but there is still more for the FNDC contractor to pick up.

"I am so grateful that the rain was not so fierce on Monday."