Today on The Country Jamie Mackay and Rowena Duncum mercilessly tease Sam "Lashes" Casey whose hunting inexperience has resulted in an embarrassing case of "Scope Eye" - ouch.

On with the show:

John Wilson:

Fonterra's chairman comments on the good news/bad news stories for the cooperative - a great GDT auction result (up 5.9%) and an ugly investment in Beingmate.


Sir Eion Edgar:

The Chairman of Forsyth Barr updates a sharp correction for world equity markets but says it presents a buying opportunity rather than a threat. We also look at the state of the New Zealand economy.

Chris Brandolino:

NIWA's principal weather scientist says the deep south is still the driest part of the country with little respite forecast for the next 10 days.

Jacinda Ardern:

The PM ponders a love fest at Waitangi, what to do with her placenta, whether she should move house and she plays Switzerland on the Green Party co-leadership.

Doug Avery:

We catch up with Marlborough's Resilient Farmer in the deep south as he helps farmers recover from drought with seminars in Balclutha and Tapanui.


Listen below: