After years of dairy farming, Tom Welch has decided to diversify his business by going in a very different direction - growing hemp.

Welch told The Country his reason for the change was due to his dissolution with dairying - "it's not a fulfilling job for me personally and hemp seemed like a really good alternative."

Welch says that although hemp is in the same plant species as marijuana (Cannabis sativa), it is bred with very low levels of THC and has no psychoactive substances in it.

Hemp was one of humanity's earliest crops and considered a 'superfood' with more omega 3 than tuna, more protein and iron than steak and more fibre than oats.


Watch a video on Tom's hemp crop: Third generation dairy farmers turn to hemp

Tom says hemp is a "brilliant resource," that can be used to produce a range of products such as textiles, building material, food and personal hygiene products.

He hopes more people will have a go at growing this versatile crop.

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