Year in Review: One of The Country's most popular contributors is Dr Jacqueline Rowarth and this is one of her more controversial interviews of the year which sparked a lot of debate on air and online.

Listen: Dr Jacqueline Rowarth says hot water more dangerous than Roundup

There are conflicting reports on the dangers of glyphosate with some saying it is probably a carcinogen to humans.

However, Environmental Protection Authority chief scientist Dr Jacqueline Rowarth believes the chemical which is found in Roundup is about as cancer-causing as red meat, frying or toasting.


Dr Rowarth told The Country's Jamie Mackay that as long as people follow the instructions when they use the weed killer, Roundup should cause no health problems.

In fact, Mackay is in more danger from his scalding hot coffee and tea habit than Roundup, says Dr Rowarth.

Listen below: