A pen of autumn-born weaner bulls caught the eye of buyers at yesterday's Stortford Lodge store sale.

The 334kg simmental and simmental-cross cross bulls were offered by Lynmar Farm, Sherenden and sold for $1235/head or $3.25/kg.

A pen of the same heifers from the same vendor made $1090/head or $3.52/kg. They weighed 309kg.

Most of the yarding of about 380 head was made up of yearling bulls which sold well.
In the sheep pens the first spring lambs appeared. The 1108 mixed-sex southdown-cross lambs were offered by Waikareao Farm, Te Hauke. They sold for between $104 and $124.
Ewes with lambs at foot continued to sell well. Most of the rest of the offering was Chatham Island hoggets with lambs' teeth. They were in good demand to buyers from Hawke's Bay, Feilding, Taupo and Gisborne.



Cows: Wairua Dairies, Aorangi Rd, 16 MT fries, av weight, 552kg, 210c/kg, $1160/head; five the same, av weight, 471kg, 206c/kg, $970/head.

Bulls: 2yr, R and H Pastoral, Wanstead, 15 fries, av weight, 465kg, 290c/kg, $1350/head; Wairunga Ltd, Maraetotara, 14 fries, av weight, 493kg, 285c/kg, $1410/head. Yrling, Cricklewood Station, Wairoa, 17 ang, av weight, 421kg, 309c/kg, $1300/head; eight the same, av weight, 385kg, 317c/kg, $1225/head; six the same, av weight, 361kg, 324c/kg, $1175/head; Glenora Holdings, Takapau, 20 here-cross, av weight, 354kg, 327c/kg, $1160/head; eight the same, av weight, 333kg, 423c/kg, $1410/head; nine the same, av weight, 313kg, 328c/kg, $1030/head; six the same, av weight, 260kg, 388c/kg, $1010/head; five the same, av weight, 242kg, 353c/kg, $855/head; Lynmar Farm, Sherenden, 28 autumn-born simm and simm-cross, av weight, 379kg, 325c/kg, $1235/head; 14 the same, av weight, 334kg, 328c/kg, $1100/head; Blackwill Holdings, Ohuka, 24 shthrn-cross, av weight, 268kg, 342c/kg, $920/head; R and S Clayton, Middleton Rd, 22 fries, av weight, 313kg, 314c/kg, $985/head; 21 the same, av weight, 307kg, 316c/kg, $975/head; Appleacre Holdings, Puketapu, 19 ang-cross, av weight, 189kg, 322c/kg, $610/head; five fries-cross, av weight, 179kg, 405c/kg, $725/head; Tipu-Ake Ltd, Pakowhai, nine fries, av weight, 232kg, 3476c/kg, $810/head; five dairy-cross, av weight, 193kg, 259c/kg, $500/head; five fries-cross, av weight, 255kg, 262c/kg, $670/head.

Steers: Yrling, Te Awa Farm, Tikokino, 15 ang, av weight, 357kg, 351c/kg, $1205/head; Te Ngaio Farm, Chatham Islands, seven here-cross, av weight, 198kg, 375c/kg, $745/head.

Heifers: Yrling, Lynmar Farm, Sherenden, 10 autumn-born simm and simm-cross, av weight, 309kg, 352c/kg, $1090/head; Oingo Holdings, Fernhill, eight here-fries, av weight, 324kg, 326c/kg, $1060/head; G and M Thorn, Matangi Rd, six ang, av weight, 274kg, 368c/kg, $1010/head; Ruru Cottage, Havelock North, five here-cross, av weight, 313kg, 309c/kg, $970/head.


Ewes: Arawood Station, Cricklewood, 21 m/a, $107; 49 m/a, $127; Aratiti, Cricklewood, 42 m/a, $127.50.

Ewes, lambs at foot, Shannon Station, Wairoa, 42 ewes, 76 lambs, $87.50 all counted, 41 ewes, 73 lambs, $90; Highland View Sherenden, six hoggets, six lambs, $82; Matua Waihua Ltd, Wairoa, 35 ewes, 53 lambs, $98; Anewa Station, Wairoa, 45 ewes, 75 b/f, $84; 49 ewes, 80 b/f, $89.25; Tangihau Station, Rere, 59 ewes, 121 b/f, $93.50; 54 ewes, 95 b/f, $97; 43 ewes, 75 lambs, $87; Kotare Station, Marumaru, 77 ewes, 102 lambs, $82.50; S van Houtte, Pahiatua, nine ewes, 13 lambs, $76; four ewes, seven lambs, $76.50; Hautope Land Co, Tamumu, 21 hoggets, 25 lambs, $73; Joncole P/ship, Te Hauke, 12 hoggets, 12 lambs, $80; T Milne, Ocean Beach, five ewes, five lambs, $109.
Lambs: New season, Waikareao Farm, Te Hauke, 211 b/f/m/s, $124; 345 b/f/m/s, $116.50; 423 b/f m/s, $109.50; 129 m/s, $104. Old season, R Holmes, Chatham Island, 104 weth, $165.75; 60 ewe, $160.50; G and E Cameron, Chatham Island, 186 weth, $158.50; 180 ewe, $151; 144 m/s, $139.50; G and R Horler, Chatham Island, 121 ewe, $145.50; 66 ewe, $125; Kaiara Enterprises, Chatham Island, 77 m/s, $126.50; Chatham Island vendors, 45 m/s, $142; 71 m/s, $87; Te Ngaio Farm, Chatham Island, 57 m/s, $125; P and E Seymour, Chatham Island, 69 m/s b/f, $126.50; S Norman, Chatham Island, 39 ewe, $134; Maraenui Trust, Meeanee, 57 m/s, $125;


Prime sale

Prime lambs hit the $200 mark at Monday's prime sale. The pen of seven ram lambs set the tone for a strong sale all round.

The first of the spring lambs appeared and made $132.50.

The 45 cattle offered also sold strongly with cows selling particularly well.

A big yarding of ewes made up to $164 for pen of heavy shorn ewes.


Oxen: (Ang, ang-here, sth dev, simm-cross) Av weight, 424kg to 658kg, 281c/kg to 309c/kg, $1194/head to $2072/head.

Cows: (Ang, ang -here, sth dev) Av weight, 465kg to 700kg, 198c/kg to 222c/kg, $920/head to $1547/head.

Heifers: Ang, fries) Av weight, 440kg to 580kg, 183c/kg to 309c/kg, $805/head to $1792/head.


Ewes: Shorn, heavy, $164; $140 to $154; med, $112 to $123. Slipe, good, $142.50 to $154.50; med, $130 to $138.50; lighter, $113.50; light, $86.50. Woolly, good, $144 to 4147.50.

Lambs: Male, $94 to $200; b/f, $157 to $196; ewe, $132 to $139, b/f, $150. M/s, $99 to $182.

Spring lambs: m/s b/f, $120, $132.50.