Rain has caused about 10 slips around the Rangitikei District and crews will spend the next few days working to clear them.

Hunterville resident Esther Edmonds came across the slip on Rangatira Rd when driving home about 9.30pm on Wednesday.

"It was completely covered, about one metre high. There was no way we would've got through."

The road was impassable and she had to go around the other way, she said.


That was the second slip on Rangatira Rd that day.

Contractors had only left at 8.30pm after clearing a slip further down the road which was reported earlier that afternoon. They returned in the morning following reports of the second slip.

The Rangitikei District Council also recorded a few incidents of minor flooding and trees down throughout the district.

"These are all a direct result of the rain experienced over the past few days and the high water table at a lot of these sites from rainfall over the last few weeks and months," a spokesman said.

"The council welcomes notification from the public if they see a slip and ask if they could take note of the blue marker peg on the side of the road and tell us the number on it.

"This is really helpful when trying to find the location of a slip."

If there is white writing on the slip or near it the contractor, Higgens, has already identified it.

Higgins undertakes its own patrols to identify issues and has cleared a number of grates, culvert areas, small slips and removed branches and trees from roads around the district.